Saturday, October 3, 2015

Yellow, gold, and my copper problem

Yellow is another color of nail polish I'm not particularly fond of. And yet there are 10 polishes in my collection that can fit into that category. Sort of. Some of them are gold and others fall into the copper family. But they still fall into the yellow category. So here we are.

The easy ones are the cremes. I have three creme yellows. On my left thumb is Sally Hanson Sunny Side Up, which is a bright lemon yellow neon, over a white base. On the left pointer is Sally Hanson Mellow Yellow, a softer egg yolk yellow. The left middle is yet another NYX sample and it's a mustard yellow. The only one I'm keeping is Sunny Side Up. I don't wear yellow cremes very often, and I'm not even sure I'll wear this one that often. But maybe in the summer time, the desire for neon yellow nails will hit me. Or a neon rainbow.

There are three golds, sparkly yellows, whatever you want to call them. On my left pinky is Finger Paints Hula Aruba! This is a very sheer sunny yellow, I think that's three coats and there is still a visible nail line. But I like it. It's sparkly and cheerful. The other two are glitter coats, both very fine glitter coats, so I like them. OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke is on my right middle finger and Sinful Colors All About You is on my right pinky. Another Polish Joke is more pure gold and All About You has some red glitter in it. I really like both of these and I think all three of htese are unique enough to keep.

And then we hit my copper problem. There are four polishes here. And I just can't bring myself to say goodbye to any of them. On my left ring finger is Sally Hansen Liquid Gold, which is from their Color Foil line. And boy do I regret not getting more colors from this line. The two I have are gorgeous and they really do look like putting a colored metal foil onto your nails. This one has hints of copper, but leans to a very soft gold. I feel a teeny bit like an illuminated manuscript with this on my nails. So it's staying.

On my right ring finger is Essie Leggy Legend, a very new acquisition. As in I bought it yesterday. Yes, I have a small amount of shame, but not enough to stop me from buying nail polish. Plus holy cow is this pretty. This polish is an example of the reason I keep taking chances on Essie polishes. Every once in a while they knock it out of the park and hit gold. Or in this case copper, a deep red copper. Love.

The other two are probably the closest in shade, but only if you look at them in the right light. Because the one on my right pointer, Zoya Aggie, is a green/copper duochrome and the one on my right thumb, Revlon Beachy, is just a good solid copper. The copper color in Aggie is pretty spot on for Beachy, but the greens in it give it a depth that Beachy just doesn't have. However, because Aggie is a duochrome and Beachy isn't, I'm comfortable keeping both.