Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oranges, and I question my purchasing habits

Unlike green and yellow I really love orange nail polishes. A lot. However, I have almost none. I had to throw in the browns and three of the colors in this set are from that NYX sample collection. That is just sad. I know I love orange nail polish, so why don't I collect it more? Clearly something needs to be rectified in my purchasing habits. Especially because I've been eyeing Zoya Tansy for about a year, but haven't taken the plunge and bought it. To be fair, I haven't bought it because I can never remember if I already own it or not. Well, I don't so the next time I see it, into my basket it goes.

I am getting rid of three of these colors, two from the NYX sample set and one I've had for ages. There just aren't a lot of dupes in here.

I have two browns, Revlon Autumn Spice and one from the NYX collection on my left thumb and pointer respectively. Autumn Spice is a deep rich red-brown. It's gorgeous, and I love it. It's from the Parfumerie line, but unlike most of the other ones I own from this like I really don't get a scent from this one at all. I've read reviews from people who do, so it might be my polish, but I don't smell anything. However color wise it's GORGEOUS. The NYX is going. It might look nice as a nude on someone darker then I am, but on me it's just ugly. No thank you. But, I think I can maybe collect one or two more browns, it's something to keep an eye open for anyway.

I have yet another copper on my left middle finger, a sample from that NYX collection. This one is far more of an orange copper then the ones I did with the yellows though. A metallic orange rather then copper I suppose. I really like this one, and I may try to hunt down the full size if I ever go through this one.

I have three orange shimmers. OPI Luxurious on my left ring finger, Finger Paints Aloha Lei on my left pinky, and Sinful Colors Courtney Orange on my right ring finger.  Luxurious is a red orange with gold and orange shimmer. Aloha Lei is a yellow orange with yellow/gold shimmer and Courtney Orange is a true orange with very fine orange shimmer. Aloha Lei is the most finicky as it's extremely sheer and needs a few coats to completely cover the nail. But I really like all three of these and I'm keeping them all.

The color on my right pointer is Formula X Motivated, a matte orange metallic. It's so pretty, though it's one of the more frustrating mattes I own as it chips like crazy. But I like it and it's staying.

There are three orange cremes. On my right thumb is Milani Neon Awesome Orange, my right ring finger has another NYX sample and then I re-swatched Essie Haute as Hello on my right pinky in order to be a completionist. Of these three, the only one I'm keeping is Haute as Hello, which I've discussed already. The other two are very pretty and I like them, but I have a couple of issues. Awesome Orange is over a white base, and it needs the white base to shine. That's fine, but even over the white base it took about three coats for a completely even coverage. Which means that it's NEVER, EVER going to dry. In fact, I completely screwed it up about a two hours after putting it on by doing the dishes. All of the other nails were completely fine, but this one is just a mess. So I'm on the look out for a neon orange come spring/summer. The NYX is just too sheer, which is a complaint I've had with all of the cremes from this collection. It's a fun color, but not really worth keeping.

I need to give myself permission to buy more orange nail polish. I absolutely love it, and I know I'll wear it. But for whatever reason I never allow myself to buy it when I get into a store. This is ridiculous considering how much blue nail polish I own. I mean, I love blue nail polish too, but I have a LOT. Fortunately I know China Glaze has a Halloween collection with an orange I've got my eye on. And Zoya Tansy, that's a purchase too. Also, browns.