Saturday, October 3, 2015

Decluttering the Greens

I am not actually all that fond of green nail polish, generally. There are exceptions to that statement, but I don’t often think, “I want green nails today”. However, you wouldn’t know that from my collection as there are 20 bottles of various green polishes waiting to be sorted. TWENTY. I was more than a little surprised when I counted them out. If I can convince myself to let go of colors I don’t actually like, this will be quite a culling.
 So round one was the lighter green polishes.
There is one color here that probably doesn’t belong in this round, on my right pointer finger is OPI Green on the Runway, it’s a green/brown duochrome. No, maybe it’s a green/red duochrome? A green/black duochrome? Actually, let’s go with green/black/red multi-chrome. The green is the strongest color for sure though. The problem is that I don’t really like it that much. While it is cool to see the colors shift, I’m not actually fond of the individual colors. But I’m going to keep in for now, simply because it is unique enough in my collection to make the justifications.
There are four colors in this round that fall into the mint color family. On my left thumb is Sally Hansen Mint Tint, a textured polish. On my right middle finger is Revlon Wintermint a mint polish with blue glitter. And on my left ring and pinky fingers are Zoya Tiana and Revlon Minted, both mint crèmes.  Mint Tint and Wintermint are staying because of their different finishes. And Wintermint is just ridiculously pretty. It’s one of those polishes that takes a look at my “I don’t like green polishes, or glitter polishes” statement and laughs at them.
And then we reach a dilemma, because both Minted and Tiana are mint crèmes, but they subtly different from each other and I don’t wanna give either one up. Minted is a tiny bit more blue, making it a true mint whereas Tiana is just a pale green. And though it’s ridiculous to keep them both, I’m going to. Because reasons. And also because every time I think about getting rid of one or the other, a part of me rebels.
However, I am culling the next two; NYC in Highline Green on my left pointer and Essie Vices Versa on my left middle finger.  They’re both unique colors. Highline Green is a good solid grass green, with a hint of olive and Vices Versa is a lime green. I am a little torn on Highline Green, and I may have to see what the colors in round two are like. Vices Versa however, I just don’t like.  I think it was in one of the muted neon collections that Essie puts out in the spring and summer. It took three coats to reach the opacity seen above, and there is still visible nail line. And while I don’t mind that for colors that are supposed to be tints on the nail, this is a crème and should be opaque. It’s a problem I have with a lot of Essie polishes, and one of the major reasons I just don’t like the brand.  Plus, I think the color is more than a little ugly.
The remaining three are all staying. On my right thumb is China Glaze But of Corpse, a metallic lime green with tiny black glitter/balls in it. I love it quite a bit, though it stains my nails like almost nothing else.  It is completely unique, and I love to do a Christmas themed manicure with this one and the similar Red color that China Glaze released in the same Halloween collection. Because irony.
On my right ring finger is Zoya Apple and holy cow, this is another one that gives lie to my opening statement. It is a light yellow green with some serious shimmer. In that regard it is very similar to the remaining polish on my right pinky, Finger Paints Margarita Mambo, but Margarita Mambo is a pale yellow-green, also with a gold shimmer. Margarita Mambo is definitely more yellow and Apple has a lot more green in it, so they look completely different. Both are a bit on the sheer side, but three coats was enough to get rid of any visible nail line for both of them.
Greens round two. I’m getting rid of a lot in this round, not because they’re dupes but because I just don’t like the color. So let’s start with the ones I’m keeping.
I’m keeping five polishes for sure.  Formula X Mr. Positivity on my right thumb is probably my favorite out of this set. It’s a sparkly emerald green (this picture makes it look a lot bluer then it is, but it's very green) with a mild texture, though I suspect that could be eliminated with a top coat. It’s pretty.  Also in the top is China Glaze Pondering on my left pinky which is a purple/green duochrome. The purple flash is a lot stronger than the green flash, and I probably should have included it with my purples, but I didn’t.  It’s pretty and I’m keeping it. Rounding off my favorites is Zoya Veruschka on my right pointer, a matte forest green with subtle, paler green shimmer. It’s also lovely if I put a shiny top coat on it.
The other two I’m keeping are not quite favorites, but they’re fun and unique. Sinful Colors San Francisco on my right middle finger is a very sheer metallic lime green. Even at three coats it’s not quite opaque. And it’s much lighter than the bottle color. However, I like to wear this over a black polish and then it just shines and becomes this gorgeous oil slick color. The other one is Sally Hansen Hot Wasabi over a white base on my left thumb. I don’t think this color actually needed the white base, which is a plus, and it’s a bright grass green. The brush is a pain, but I’m going to keep this polish despite the brush.
There are two I’m iffy on. Revlon Lime Basil on my left middle finger and Sinful Colors Garden Party on my left ring finger. Both of these are unique colors, but I’m just not sure I like those colors on me. Lime Basil is a muted lime crème and Garden Party is a deep blue green, and pulls very blue in some lights. Of the two I definitely prefer Garden Party, but I honestly don’t see myself wearing them outside of St. Patrick’s Day. There is a part of me that wants to hang onto Garden Party, but really I’m not going to wear it, so both go into the cull pile.
The last two polishes, NYX 17 and Maybelline Walk in the Park are both going. The NYX is another one of those sample polishes and it’s a dark army green. Walk in the Park is a very dark, almost black, pine green. I’m not fond of either one of these shades, so they’re both going.
Things I’ve learned about my polish collecting habits this round? Well, I’m a bit of a magpie, in that I definitely prefer sparkly polishes. Though strong, heavy glitters are not to my taste, if a polish has a shimmer, a sheen, or is somehow sparkly I will be drawn to it.